Our Current Needs

By partnering with St. Mary’s Home in our mission to care for abused, abandoned, and neglected children you can:

By tutoring at St. Mary’s Home, you can help a child who is typically two years behind academically get closer to an age appropriate grade level.

By serving as a recreation aide, you can spend time with a child who needs one on one attention from someone special. You can teach the child how to throw a ball, jump rope, ride a bicycle, or play checkers. Your example can teach the children sportsmanship plus the importance of teamwork and of trying one’s best regardless of ability.

By working on a service project, with your classmates, business colleagues, church or civic organization, you can help maintain St. Mary’s Home and create a more homelike environment for the children.

By hosting parties or holiday celebrations, your church or civic group can provide the children with special moments in their live and create lasting, positive memories for them and for you.

By teaching a specialty class in our summer program or after school program, you can share your gifts and talents with children by teaching them to sew, write, paint, or play an instrument.

By applying for a student internship, you can fulfill you scholastic requirements while gaining invaluable hand on knowledge of best treatment practices of children in residential care.

By serving as a Foster Parent, you can open your home and heart to children who may never have experience normal family life. (*Foster parenting is not fully voluntary as training, licensing, and compensation are provided.)

To ensure that St. Mary’s Home continues to meet the needs of the abused, abandoned, and neglected children of our community for 176 more years, please contact Andy Rehm about volunteering, at 251-344-7733, ext. 32.