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How Is Traditional Astrology Implementing Advanced Technology?

Astrology and foretelling are age-old principles and probably those that we can’t modify with technical advancements. Though the technology has been impressive to ease many manual jobs, astrological calculations based on traditional principles seem resistant to budge. Even though the principles don’t vary, the procedures can certainly develop. Of all the new tech that came out in the past decade, here are a few examples of how they have contributed to traditional astrologers.

Artificial Intelligence

An app developed using AI taking a few inputs to produce your horoscope seems fake and scam. If you think the output shown will be mere database records stored earlier, the latest AI astrology apps actually work in real-time. For example, in 2017, Co-Star, an AI astrology app, was launched online, making a significant impression on the developing change. Co-Star reportedly uses NASA’s real-time satellite readings to locate the planetary positions and plot them on astrological charts. The program is based on the traditional principles, not on pre-fed data to calculate and generate a reliable horoscope for the exact date and time as provided.   Astrology Ai   The app intakes the location, date, and time of birth to figure out the required zodiac sign and locate the apt stars at the current time. After plotting the charts, the AI translator converts the readings to a chosen language for easy comprehension.

Machine Learning

Horoscope isn’t the same every day but is calculated in a similar procedure every time. Machine learning first provides dummy result calculations to the program and trains the code to produce similar types of results. ML in astrology apps is still under development where the existing horoscope data for various stars and zodiac signs are being collected and fed to the programs to train them. This preliminary development still focuses on providing the general horoscope for a particular star or sign without requiring any date and time of birth details.

Machine Learning

Augmented reality and Virtual reality

These technologies don’t help in auto-calculating the results but ease out the manual tussles of the astrologers. Similar to AR and VR games and television shows, the planetary projection is produced as a different dimension to travel in. The readers and astrologers can use high-definition VR glasses to jump into the 360-degree view of space and stars. Rather than gazing at the sky from afar, many planetariums are now offering these services to project the real-time cosmic space using multiple telescopes and projection halls. Compared to this 3D virtual escape, 2D augmented reality can also be helpful to capture and reflect the space on the screens.

graphical illustrations and designing

Advanced graphical illustrations and designing

    Modern astrology is slowly becoming remote and online. Since people love more appealing and interactive web pages, graphics and illustrations fascinate them. The latest apps use vocal inputs, satellite projections, geographical maps, and GPS to locate the users and their corresponding planetary positions. Users can also ask various queries regarding their life, health, or career over the general horoscope for their zodiac sign. For these queries, the apps provide several user-friendly inputs like separate tabs or questionnaires.