Funding with St. Mary's

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Since its founding in 1838, St. Mary’s Home’s goal has been to improve the lives of the children they serve. Today the children that St. Mary’s Home serves are facing serious family conflict, abuse, neglect, or emotional, behavioral and educational problems. Long term fundamental improvement in these children’s lives requires extensive, specialized treatment from a team of qualified therapists, behavior specialists, physicians, educators, and child care staff. Not only do the children need and deserve top quality providers, they also need the involvement of community volunteers and leaders to assimilate into productive members of society.

By increasing the community’s awareness of the ongoing pervasive needs of children in crisis with the ultimate goal of making St. Mary’s Home one of their top five agencies of choice for special gifts each year. Participating in the lives of these children by means of donating time, talent, and resources not only assists the children, but transforms donors into St. Mary’s Home family.