What We Have To Offer

St. Mary’s Home, a faith based residential treatment facility, provides services for abused, abandoned and neglected children by focusing on five critical areas of growth:






Through our programs, we work with the children to address all of these issues, for there is no other way to have a lasting impact on children who have experienced such severe trauma.

Basic Living Skills

Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Spiritual Enrichment

Educational Assistance

  • Residential

    St. Mary’s Residential Treatment Programs provide therapeutic services and meet the basic needs of children who cannot live with their families for fear of imminent harm and those who have no family resources. These programs focus on the developmental needs of the children who experience difficulties in their behaviors and their adjustment to society. The children receive psychiatric, therapeutic, educational, and medical services in addition to basic care and supervision in a 24 hour a day setting.

  • Therapeutic Foster Care

    St. Mary’s Homes’ Therapeutic Foster Care Program offers families the opportunity to share the special strengths and skills with children who have been hurt and traumatized by abuse and neglect. This program provides homes and families to children who do not need the full services offered by St. Mary’s Home’s Residential Treatment Programs.

  • Educational

    A library is available afternoons and nights Monday through Thursday to assist students with homework.

    All students at St. Mary’s Home participate in a summer program for enrichment and maintenance of educational skills.

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